I have been weight training for about 16 years and have always concentrated on increasing muscle size and getting bigger, having a serious dislike of cardio I was slowly gaining weight and earlier this year weighed in at 16st 4lb which at 5ft 9” indicated a BMI of over 30 and body fat of 20% plus!

I made the decision in March to lose the body fat, get fitter and improve my diet to lose a few pounds and started training with Chris on a weekly basis, Chris kept all the sessions interesting, mixing resistance and cardio with things like flipping tyres, wearing a weight vest, carrying punch bags.

To date I have lost 2st 6lb and body fat is down to 14%, In addition fitness is massively improved helping my mountain biking and general well-being.

Welcome to the Home of CD Fitness

Being healthy and in shape is very important and can effect every aspect of our lives. It can bring confidence, energy and most importantly happiness to our work, family and social lives. In addition, regular exercise can prolong our lives and help reduce the risk of diseases and future health issues.

So, whether you're looking to shed some weight, perhaps for a special occasion, to tone up for the beach or you need someone to help keep you motivated to reach your goal; that’s where we come in...

CD Fitness has delivered over 10,000 Personal Training sessions and we use all of our experience to give you the right combination of resistance training, high intensity cardio and nutritional advice to help you achieve the results you are looking for.

We believe strongly in 24/7 support and provide this from our Personal Training Studio in Bagshot, The Studio is fully equipped over 2 floors with the latest fitness and training equipment to get you to your goals as quickly as possible.